Waldorfin Quiz

If you get all questions right, you will see a picture of the newest Waldorf gear:
MidiHeadphone MH-4

What's the name of the Castle where the Waldorf offices are?

 Waldorf Castle
 Sinzig Castle
 Ahrental Castle

Which Waldorf product got only 4 buttons and a two digit LED display and no other user interface?

 Gekko Arpeggiator
 miniWorx EQ-27
 MidiBay MB-15

Does the "M" in Wolfram Franke's "WMF" initial stand for "Michael"?


Name a record done by Wolfgang Düren (Waldorf boss)?

 "Like a WAVE"
 "Eyeless dreams"

Which of these person owns a WAVE?

 Joerg Huettner
 Holger "Tsching" Steinbrink
 Wolfram Franke

Which words are NOT printed on the back of any Waldorf synth?

 "millions of dollars"
 "Produktionleiter Schneider"
 "bath tub"