Waldorf History Timetable

Year           Item Comment
1989-95 Microwave Rack wavetable synth
later called Microwave I due to the Microwave II
1989-? EQ-27 Compact (table top) programmable and midi controlable stereo 7 band equalizer
1990 Midibay MB-15 Rack midi patchbay and merger
1991-? Microwave Waveslave 1 HE voice extension for the original Microwave (adding another 8 voices)
1993-97 WAVE The ultimative wavetable synth
Available in 4 colours. 61 or 76 keys. 16, 32, or 48 voices
1993-? 4-pole Table top analog filter. Georg Müller wrote 1993 at rec.music.makers.synth: "The MicroWave filter/paner (actually the CEM 3379) for everyone plus ADSR envelope and many MIDI capabilities"
1994-95 Microwave I V2.0 ROM upgrade you coudn't upgrade the Microwave Waveslave. But Waldorf offered a affordable upgrade from a Microwave Waveslave to the Microwave I V2.0
1995 Gekko Chords & Gekko Trigger Very compact passive powered Midi tools
Hohner Adam
Pulse Monophonic analog rack synth
1997 Gekko Arpeggiator Very compact passive powered Midi tool
Microwave II DSP driven wavetable rack synth
Pulse+ Monophonic analog rack synth with additional audio in and Midi / CV interface
1998 x-pole Analog filter in a rack
XT DSP driven orange coloured wavetable rack synth with 44 knobs
d-pole VST filter plug-in
Terratec Microwave PC Synth module for the terratec EWS sound cards
1999 Q DSP driven virtual analog synth.
58 knobs!
Colours: bright yellow "sahara" and WAVE blue
XTk The XT with a 49 keys keyboard.
Q rack Rack version of the Q synth. Less knobs. Only yellow.
2000 PPG 2.V VST plug-in synth
micro Q Even more compact and afforable Q rack with only 7 knobs and different DSP.
2001 Attack VST drum-synth plug-in
color of the Q, Q rack & mQ changed to the classic (Microwave) blue
micro Q keyboard 3 octave keyboard version of the mQ. Classic blue coloured
2002 D-coder a TC Powercore synth and vocoder Plug-In
RackAttack The VST in a microQ housing
Q+ a 32 voice Q with 16 analog multimode filters in a ruby red housing
2003 AFB-16 16 analog filters to be used by USB/Firewire

No date known to me yet:

And specials like:
The Mean Green Machine was a green Microwave I V2.0 made at the end of the Microwave production run
Microwave I V2.0 silver special made 2 units. One was a give away for the german Keyboards magazin
XT black was a black XT
XTK black 2 custom made units for Nine Inch Nails

A single special Q with clicking encoders without acceleration and a very bright plasma display.

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